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Direct Connect

The Strongest Folding Frame.

Montague took the strongest folding bikes on the market and re-designed them from the ground up to provide an even better ride, an easier folding experience, and a stunning new look. The new DirectConnect™ folding system removes the needs for a quick release on the top tube, connects the front and rear frames with a larger latch, and automatically clicks into place when the bike is unfolded.

A Clean Look

DirectConnect™ moves the folding quick release under the top tube, resulting in a streamlined look for the latest Montague frames.

Rock Solid Connection

DirectConnect™ provides a larger clamping surface between the two halves of the folding bike frame, making it stronger than ever.

Easy Folding

One quick release on the wheel, and one quick release on the frame is all it takes to fold a Montague bike. We know time is precious.

Patented Technology

DirectConnect is patent pending technology exclusive to Montague. You won’t find this revolutionary design on other folding bikes.

Easy Operation

Simply open the quick release lever on the DirectConnect latch, and push it to allow the bike frame to fold. Unfolding is even easier. Open the frame all the way and the spring loaded system will click into place. Then close the quick release to secure it and you’re ready to ride.

Clever Design

When the quick release lever of the DirectConnect system is closed, the ramped surfaces of the upper and lower frame are automatically drawn together both horizontally and vertically. This pre-loads the joint and ensures there will be absolutely no movement in the frame.