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Folding Bike Technology

We strive to maximize the performance and portability of all our models to give you the most versatile folding bike possible. All Montague Bikes are performance oriented bikes that fold, designed with the best available materials to ensure their quality, and exceed your expectations. We invite you to compare the technology built into every Montague with any other folding bike on the market to see the difference for yourself.



DirectConnect™ is the newest advancement in folding bike technology. Montague’s re-designed folding system took the strongest folding bike on the market and made it even better.


RackStand™ is a new concept in bicycle rack systems. It is a luggage carrier, mudguard, kickstand, and work stand all in one. It even makes folding and storing your folded bike easier. A quick release allows it to rotate under the rear wheel on a specially designed axle mount. When in the lowered position it acts as a kickstand or workstand, stabilizes your bike to make folding easier, and allows the folded bike to be stored or displayed upright.

Design Philosophy

In addition to our innovative technology, our folding bikes were designed with the philosophy that performance comes first – the folding aspect is secondary. Many people in the bike industry agree that bicycles of the future will fold, but that is where the agreement ends. We design full-size, high-performance bicycles that fold, not simply folding bikes.


The cutting edge features built into our folding bikes are what put us ahead. Our engineers go above and beyond to make sure you get the most from your Montague folding bike.

Frame Materials

Materials used in frame construction are equally important. So our engineers, looking to the aircraft industry, have developed state of the art custom drawn 7005 series, aircraft grade aluminium tubing that is used on every bike we sell. Sure, it would be easier and less expensive to use the same old round steel tubes that everyone else uses, but then our bikes would ride just like everyone else’s, an option we just can’t accept.

F.I.T. Folding System

The patented F.I.T.™ system developed by Montague engineers, and found on all our folding bikes, uses a system that does not cut any tubes in half. In fact, when looking at our folding bikes, it is not immediately clear how they fold, or even that they fold at all. We use our patented Concentrus™ system, which is a tube within a tube design that actually strengthens the frame by incorporating technology found on some high performance, dual suspension mountain bikes.

Folding Bike Demo

No tools are required to fold and unfold a Montague. All of our bikes can be folded and unfolded in under 20 seconds.